Zoë Nutt - Like You Music


Zoë Nutt - "Like You"
Written by: Lexie

Few will be able to make it through until the end of Zoë Nutt's "Like You" with dry eyes. 
This Nashville-native released a music video exclusively through hellogiggles.com, where audiences will be captivated by a tragic story, as well as moved by Nutt's devoted love for a child she has yet to have.

The video first provides context for the song to follow -- a highly nontraditional but incredibly effective and powerful. The singer bears her private story of how she began to lose her hearing at the age of 8, and how she anticipates not being able to hear the voice of her future child. Despite this heart-wrenching realization, Nutt demonstrates the capacity of her strength by sharing a song stating, regardless of the condition of her hearing when she has a child, she knows nothing will ever compare to the voice of her child. 

The instrumentals are minimal -- as it's just Nutt accompanied by her acoustic guitar -- and the lyrics are gentle, but the sound of this song is still incredibly touching. The art and beauty of this piece is demonstrated in the vulnerability and strength depicted throughout, along with an overall beautiful sound. The song's video is deceptively simple, as its lack of a storyline gives the song the kind of intimacy it requires; it forces its audience to rely on the lyrics and vocals to fully convey the gravity of the song's content -- which is more than enough. At the very end, the audience can easily hear a high pitch carrying itself over the rest of the song, acting as a reference to her also living with tinnitus. 

This song easily receives a 10 out of 10, and is sure to be loved by many. 
Be sure to watch the video here: http://hellogiggles.com/this-musician-is-losing-her-hearing-song-she-wrote-about-her-experience/

Also visit http://noisetrade.com/zoenutt/like-you to download "Like You" -- all proceeds from downloading this track will be donated to The Hearing Loss Association of America. 

Posted on February 9, 2017 .