Youth In Revolt - The Broken


Youth In Revolt - “The Broken”
Written by: Miguel

Revolting and standing up for what you believe in is a very common topic within the rock/metal community, and Youth In Revolt has dropped a new music video touching on the subject.

According to the band’s newest vocalist, Tanner Allen, the song is about “finding your way in a world that you don't understand or fit into, and finding strength, despite what the general population may tell you! It's a call to arms in a way, our way of saying to come together and find strength in numbers to make it through this rollercoaster of a world that we live in.”

The music video expands on that theme by following the “youths in revolt” who are constantly being shot at and chased by a futuristic law enforcer, dressed in white. There is also a sign on a building that advertised that you can control your happiness by taking a pill. This further deepens the concept of being unable to control your own actions and true happiness. The people who are being chased by the law enforcer, are all trying to protect a card, so they can broadcast it so everyone can see. When they did, it was actually a video of this song being performed by the band, trying to lift everyone’s spirit and to start a revolution.

The song itself is also empowering. Tanner’s high clean vocals combined with Kenny Torres’ screams emanates an energetic vibe and it will get you pumped up. If you’re looking for more than just power chords then don't worry because there is also a quick solo in it!

This music video was released in the perfect time because the U.S. elections are quickly approaching and we need to all remember that no matter what, we all need to come together and help each other. The music video for “The Broken” gets a 9 out of 10. Youth In Revolt’s album, “The Broken”, will be released on January 20th next year and can be pre-ordered at

Posted on November 7, 2016 .