Youth In Revolt - The Broken

Album Review

Youth In Revolt - "The Broken"
Written by: Miguel

The New Jersey posthardcore band, Youth In Revolt, has released their latest album “The Broken”, and you may want to give it a listen because it's amazing!

The album starts off strongly with “Noise” by giving you guitar riffs that will immediately grab your attention. The combination between Tanner Allen’s higher vocal range and Kenny Torres’ screams help make the song even more memorable and it also helps to set the tone of the album. “The Broken” is filled with catchy choruses and guitar riffs, and some heavy screams so be prepared to fall in love with it!

“Love Is A Liar’s Game” and “There For You” was originally released on their EP, but it was re-recorded for “The Broken” with their new clean vocalist Tanner Allen. Tanner's voice is pretty similar to the former vocalist, True Arahill, so he fitted in perfectly with the song. While it may not be the same, it is still really good for what it is.

The anthemic song, “The Broken”, was released a few months ago along with a music video to create an inspiring theme to never surrender and to fight for what’s yours. The melodic clean vocals along with the screams help create that uplifting vibe and it will surely stick in your head.

Youth In Revolt threw in an acoustic track, “Brisbane”, in the middle of the album to tone down from the aggressiveness of the previous songs. It helps with the pacing of the album by giving you something different to listen to. It's a beautifully written love song and it will probably be one of the fan favourites when it comes to the lyrical message.

The following song, “Don’t Wait For Me”, picks up the pace again, but it isn’t as heavy as their previous songs since it transitions from an all acoustic song. “There For You” and “Sleep” brings back the screams so that will please some of the older fans. The album then closes with another emotion filled acoustic song, “Only One”.

“The Broken” captures the essence of the posthardcore genre with some songs while also providing us with calming acoustic songs to give us a wide variety of tracks to keep us hooked in. The album would of benefited a bit more if there were more screams in the songs to add more contrasting elements between both vocalists, but the songs are captivating nonetheless. “The Broken” gets a 9.5 out of 10. Pick up “The Broken” now on!

Posted on February 18, 2017 .