Youth In Revolt - Not Giving Up


Youth In Revolt - "Not Giving Up"
Written by: Kassandra

Youth In Revolt are back with a new lineup and a new single! The newest single is called 'Never Giving Up' and it will definitely hit you right in the goddamn feels. 😢 Get your tissues ready all you romantics! This one is for you! 😍💘

With a perfect mixture between clean and unclean vocals, these guys have given a new edge to their music like they've never done before. There is no build up to a verse or chorus, in fact, the music starts off with an in-your-face vibe that gets you pumped from the start.

At first listen, it's easy to mistake the title as talking about not giving up on life, and never quitting. The lyrics, however, tell a completely story. It's about never giving up on a lost love. It's so sweet, it'll put you in a sugar coma! 🍬

The lyrics take you on a journey through a little self-realization, too. A realization that maybe you didn't notice your loved one was hurting until it was a little too late.

In one line, the lyrics read something along the lines of 'if you were hurting, why didn't you tell me?' And those few words have such powerful undertones that don't necessarily have to be about love. It's more of a soul kind of hurt. Sometimes love is blind to pain, and things go unnoticed while becoming easy to miss.

Overall, it's an upbeat, modern day punk-rock song that is bound to get listeners excited, singing along, and maybe even relating on some level. The band's newest record is set to release on February 17, 2017 via Outerscope Records.

We can almost guarantee that if fans liked this song, they're bound to fall in love and never give up on this record!

Posted on December 3, 2016 .