Young States - “Memory”

Music Video Review

Young States - “Memory”

Written by: Lexie

Admit it — you’re a sucker for a song that can hit you in the feels! Young States’ “Memory” is a track and video that many of us can relate to, and it packs a punch!

“Memory” is a heartfelt piece about a conflicting relationship with the past — though there’s a clear want to let go of it, it keeps resurfacing. The song is driven by beautiful vocals, while the instrumentals supplement the overall emotive tone. Though the track expresses pain, it is nevertheless empowering. 

The accompanying video is simple, but perfectly pairs with the song. We see a young woman desperate to “wipe” her memory. Her want seems urgent, and as the video progresses, we find out this is due to a dysfunctional relationship she’s had. Despite the nature of the relationship, she has a hard time letting go, because of the occasions where she lingers on the few good memories she has with him. Seriously needing relief, the girl makes the decision to actually have her memory wiped, allowing her to continue on with her life in peace. 

Overall, the song and track earn a solid 8 out of 10! Want to check the video out for yourself? Be sure to visit Young States’ official YouTube channel and let us know what YOU think!

Posted on October 5, 2017 .