Yellowcard - A Place We Set Afire

Music Video Review

"A Place We Set Afire" - Yellowcard


"I don't want to say goodbye, I just want to say thank you." -Yellowcard

It's with such a heavy heart that we bid farewell to such an iconic band like Yellowcard. In their 15 years together, they toured the world, put out unforgettable tunes, and saved numerous lives, globally.

April 12, 2017 marks another major milestone in their journey; their final music video for their song, "A Place We Set Afire". The emotional and heartwarming video showcases live footage of the band at a few of their shows from their final tour, combined with video clips of the band traveling the world.

It's a perfect representation of what the band's career looked like from their point of view. The title of the song correlates with the message. 'A Place We Set Afire' is their testimony. They set this world on fire with their music, tours, and fans. It's safe to say that this metaphorical fire will continue to burn even long after the band's final days are done. The overall vibe of the video isn't sad or heartbreaking as some may expect. It's upbeat and energetic with a splash of laughter mixed with memories and good vibes that tie it altogether.

"We don't have to say goodbye, but we can't get lost in time. I'll be yours and you'll be mine, maybe in another life." These particular lyrics give fans who never got the chance to see Yellowcard live, the lyrics give a little hope that someday, they will go on a reuinion tour, make another album, and bring back their talent. Those lyrics give the impression that they don't want to get lost in time and be forgotten like so many other bands are. Not saying goodbye could be a potential indicator that this is not the end, it's simply until next time.

For a final video, they managed to hit home for fans and to give us all something we can cherish that will get us through the bad days when we wish they were still around to sing all our problems away. They earn a 10 out of10 for their work and we wish them all the best of luck in their future endeavors!

Posted on April 12, 2017 .