William Control - "When the Love Is Pain"

Music Video Review

"When the Love is Pain" by William Control

Written by: Kass

The brilliant mastermind by the name of William Control has dropped another hauntingly beautiful music video, this time for his single, “When the Love Is Pain”. The video concept is nothing short of amazing and is rendered in black and white just as his previous video for “Mother Superior” was. 

“When the Love is Pain” is a metaphor that refers to the not only the sexual components of a BDSM relations, where physical pain is grounds for pleasing someone by inflicting pain and mixing pain and pleasure, but it could also be seen as love being painful. Being in love is a rewarding, but often conflicted emotion. You can’t have the good without the bad, and that’s true for all things in life. 

The chorus of the song is a hypnotizing paradox that entices you from the beginning and pulls you in. The music video is a representation of how the act of love can be just as painful as it is beautiful. A dead bouquet of flowers is shown throughout the entire video, which is a symbol of love’s physical manifestation. Flowers are a beautiful gesture, but when they die, nobody focuses on the loss or the pain of their death. They only remember the beauty and joy it brought them. Love is the same way. We put others first, take care of them before ourselves, and sometimes we do it to the point of breaking ourselves down until we are nothing. And when that love ends, we don’t focus on the pain or heartache, but who we are and how we feel without that love present. 

A lack of color in the video is also a metaphor of how love works. The black and white is like saying there is no in between when it comes to love. There are no grey areas, it’s either black or white, which translates into its only love or pain. The scattered rose petals in the video show how there is still beauty long after something so good has ended. Flowers don’t stop being pretty when the petals fall off the stem. 

In order for a BDSM relationship to work, there has to be trust. Physical pain can be enjoyable and even arousing if done in the right way. People use pain as a metaphor to show that they can be tough in their love for someone else. Using a church as a setting for a song like this is both brilliant and ironic, which is another symbolic measure. Religions view BDSM as a sin because it looks like a form of torture. You’re not supposed to get off on someone else’s pain. Sex is meant to be for reproduction, not for pleasure or fun, which makes it ironic that this song is about kinky sex and it’s being sang in a church. The church also represents the foundation of trust that is heavily relied upon in the BDSM world. Without that trust factor, there is no room for love, only pain. In a sense, this video comes full circle in the revelation that with pain comes love, and vice versa. 

Overall, the video is definitely worth the watch! William has outdone himself once again and has brought something fresh and even a bit taboo. Do yourself a favor and check it out on Youtube now! You definitely won’t regret it. William Control earns a ten out of ten for his erotic, but ironic work. You can catch him on tour right now and you can listen to his EP, “The Pale”, out now!

Posted on April 15, 2017 .