William Control - Mother Superior


William Control - “Mother Superior” 
Written By: Kassandra & Abbey

Ladies and gentlemen, William Control has outdone himself with his latest music video for “Mother Superior”!

The religious theme compared with the black and white grayscale theme brings both a classy element and a serious tone that sets the bar high. While watching, you'll hardly be able to take your eyes away from the captivating imagery and stunning scenes.

The term ‘mother superior’ refers to a head female at the center of a religious ceremony. This video embodies that role perfectly by showing William in a massive church throughout the video. A stunning woman presents herself to William, but never approaches him. She is indeed the 'mother superior' with impressive and beautiful garments, head wear and haunting eyes, all while adorning a small child on her hip. William seems longing and lustful for this religious figure, symbolizing a call for help in a dark time of need. Themes of potential drug abuse or suicide linger throughout the song, emphasized by the lyrics "we fall inside early graves."

Though "Mother Superior" isn't upbeat or outlandish, it still carries that signature William Control 80's synth and velvet voice that just may soothe your soul. It's unique and his very own style that really make this particular song, and all of his others, really stand out. We are consistently impressed with William's ability to grow and mature in his sound, and this is no exception. "Mother Superior" easily earns an 8.5/10. If you haven't already, be sure to check out The Pale EP or head over to williamcontrol.com for tour dates and tickets! 🤘🏻

Posted on January 26, 2017 .