Whitney Peyton - Refresh

Album Review
Whitney Peyton - "Refresh EP"
Written By: Karalynne

Though the title suggests something different, the new Refresh EP from Whitney Peyton is straight fire! From the opening track, onward, the EP offers a level of heaviness that we have not previously heard from Whitney- but that we can't wait to get more of.

With many featured guests including Zack Hansen of The Word Alive, this EP evokes more anger and confidence from the rising young artist. Fresh off of a performance at the So What?! Music Festival, Whitney Peyton is straddling the line between the hip-hop and rock music scenes, and impressing fans on both sides of the fence. With the new rock versions of her previously released songs "Woopty Woo Woo" and "Crazy," she bridges the gap between these two genres and fan bases even more.

Overall, the Refresh EP is 17 and a half minutes of in your face awesomeness that leaves you revved up and ready for more. It is everything we love about Whitney Peyton with an edgier and more mature sound than ever before. It comes in at a strong 8/10 stars and is absolutely worth listening to. In fact, you can download Refresh for free on SoundCloud and experience it for yourself!

Posted on April 12, 2017 .