Whitney Peyton - "Don't Lie To Me" ft. Matt Good

Music Video Review

Whitney Peyton - "Don't Lie To Me" ft. Matt Good

Written by: Lexie

You can't always sugarcoat the hard times, and that's why Whitney Peyton chooses to keep things authentic and painfully true. Her latest video for "Don't Lie To Me" encapsulates just what it means to go through a complicated, drawn-out break up through isolating imagery. 

The song itself is an edgy take on rap, with Peyton's vocals having a sharpness to them that convey a bitterness toward the breakup, while Matt Good's voice brings vulnerability and sensitivity to the overall tone. The video suits the nature of the song because it features both vocalists performing the piece conveying the complex emotions that come from a break up. It also features lonesome imagery, such as empty or abandoned spaces, placing the focus on isolation and hurt. 

Overall, the video earns an 8 out of 10 for its ability to reach the emotions of its audience. If you haven't seen the video for yourself by heading to Tragic Hero Records' official YouTube channel! If you like what you hear, you can listen to this song -- and others -- on Whitney Peyton's upcoming album, "Firecracker: Pyro Edition," due to be released on October 6th! Also be sure to catch Peyton on tour, which starts September 7th! 

Posted on August 28, 2017 .