We Came As Romans - "Cold Like War"

Music Video Review:

We Came As Romans - "Cold Like War"

Written By: Jasmine

We Came As Romans show us through countless trials, adversities, and struggles we face within our lives, we tend to let our emotions overcome our whole-being and lash out on others. From loved ones to even ourselves, internal war is clashing and demolishing amongst us, causing permanent damage. However, putting the troubles to the side and making amends with one another to surrender this fatal war can resolve and restore a bond.

In "Cold Like War", there are 2 soldiers in war with each other, weapons being pointed, and a rich dark, yet chilling blue with heavy smoke to fit the overall theme. We can distinguish this complements the setting and meaning behind We Came Like Romans single and truly tell it's cold like war. Approaching the song, it already sounds like we entered a war zone with the slow upbeat guitars slightly becoming stronger, light harsh screams, and those surprisingly soothing "woah's". Encountering the raw and energetic guitars sided with slashing and vigorous drums, it tributes with the notorious and strengthened screams and angry voice. Not to mention, how can we be forgetful about the launchpad sounds? As if the song was missing a touch of something, this only brought "Cold Like War" to become more tremendous in every possible way, Just as chilling as the blue, the clean vocals given to us run up and down our spines, leaving us asking for more. The overall instruments tone down a notch to shine on the vocals and set the theme in this particular section to be more serene (even though they still kickass and have strong vibes within). The build up only continues throughout the song and only leave us on the edge of our seats, begging for more and more of such an addicting single. You can observe and hear the growth from We Came As Romans and we are as anxious as you are for the new record.

A little more about the fifth upcoming record, it has been discussed through press that this record is "thrilling, energetic and immensely catchy compendium of songs that run the full gambit of emotion — aggression to sorrow, love to hate — to capture the fullest extent of the conflict and turmoil" What more can you possibly ask for?

With that being said, right off the bat, "Cold Like War" takes a win and is most definitely rewarded with a 10/10. "Cold Like War" is out October 20th, which you can preorder today! Also don't forget to catch We Came As Romans this upcoming Fall with I Prevail!

Posted on September 15, 2017 and filed under Song Review.