War on Women - "Second Wave Goodbye"

Music Video Review


"Second Wave Goodbye" by War on Women

Written by: Lexie


The world needs more badass tracks that empower women, and War on Women have give us just that!

This kickass track is a unifying anthem for all women; it is a call for us to come together to fearlessly fight the great fight against systemic and social oppression. "Second Wave Goodbye" is a play on words, as the song expresses an abandonment of notorious divisiveness that once existed within second-wave feminism. This song speaks on behalf of many modern-day women in how it seeks to unite everyone for the movement. It is representative of the sort of the all-inclusive feminism that the current generation is fighting for, as we must strive to stand against all forms of oppression, as well as welcome anyone willing to fight alongside us.

The song seems to speak directly to the women of the former wave of feminism, who were largely associated with not being as inclusive, especially in the opening lines, "You're the kinda bitch that seeks to divide/Yeah, but I'm the kinda bitch that seeks to unite." The lyrics reaffirm this message when the song expresses, "You can't take a class on class/Your doctorate don't mean shit/We all want a safer space." These lyrics assure that there are no prerequisites to being a part of this movement, other than genuinely wanting to. 

This powerfully unifying and empowering song is paired beautifully with a catchy chorus that will hook you immediately and having you jamming along in no time. The vocals are fierce and passionate, giving an excellent delivery of the intended message and attitude. 

Accompanying this track, is an equally-exciting video. The whole video depicts the band performing, traveling, and sharing thrilling experiences. Though the video doesn't follow a complex plot or utilize intricate metaphors, the video just matches perfectly because of its contribution to the song's overall mood; what would better-suit a song about unity and strength, than a video filled with energy and closeness? If the song alone gets you pumped, then the video will only add to the experience!

Overall, this track and video earn a 10 out of 10! If you haven't seen it for yourself yet, be sure to head over to Bridge 9 Records' official YouTube channel and let us know what YOU think!

Posted on April 21, 2017 .