Wage War - Stitch

Song/Music Video Review

Wage War - “Stitch”
Written by: Miguel

Wage War is back again with a new massive track, “Stitch”, that will surely satisfy all those who seek heavy music!

From the harmonics in the guitar riffs to the punchy drums, everything about this song just wraps around your head and delivers a crushing experience. The aggressive vocals from Briton Bond along with those brutal riffs will surely start those moshpits at live shows. The beefy guitar tone will also surely satisfy all the guitarists' ears out there! There aren’t any clean vocals on this song, but it really doesn't need it. The raw power of the screams is more than enough to keep you hooked throughout the song.

To tie into the aggressiveness of the sound, the lyrics takes on a tormented twist on the lost of love according to guitarist Cody Quistad. It takes a more serious approach based on how its written. It focuses on the feelings of being left in the dark by your partner and the pain and thoughts that are suffered throughout that stage.

The music video doesn’t offer a lot to add the the already vigorous song since it only features the band performing the song along with a few scenes of Briton being pulled away along with running away from possibly love he once had. It does however portray the raw energy of the band perfectly as they performed the song.

Wage War without a doubt earns a solid 10 out of 10 for “Stitch”. The aggressive nature of the song will definitely be a crowd pleaser at shows and it also sets the bar high for what's to come with their later releases. Check out the song down below!

Posted on March 17, 2017 .