Volumes - On Her Mind

Volumes - “On Her Mind” ft. Pouya
Music Video/Song Review
Written by: Miguel

Volumes and Pouya. This is a rather different collaboration when it comes to metalcore, but being different can be a good thing!

Volumes has taken a different approach by delving into the rap territory rather than sticking to their usual full on metalcore roots. While Gus Farias delivers the usual energized screams, the well known rapper Pouya, threw in some verses as well. The chorus sung by Myke Terry is on the weaker side since it’s short and and lacking overall depth, but it still has a good hook to it that makes it memorable. This isn’t the greatest song Volumes has released, but they are experimenting and possibly trying to give us a wide variety of sounds in their upcoming album, “Different Animals”.

The lyrics are about constantly being in your loved one’s mind to the point where she wants to know everything that’s going on with your life. This ties into the music video because it shows everyone at a party where her partner most likely lied and to her that he's out recording music based on the lyrics. There isn’t anything in the lyrics that stood out, and it is basic overall.

The music video is also simple as it only showed the band performing the song while at a party where everyone was having a good time by drinking, smoking, etc. It does somewhat portray the message of the song, but a deeper refined video would have benefited the track.

Overall, “On Her Mind” gets a 7.5 of 10. It keeps the heavy guitars and the unique screams for the metalcore lovers, and the addition of the rapping is something that may be a personal preference. The rapping does flow with the song perfectly though. Check out the video and pre-order the album at http://volumes.merchnow.com!

Posted on February 20, 2017 .