VISTA - "Long Live"

EP Review

VISTA - "Long Live"

Written by: Lexie

Let VISTA give you the bit of motivation and edge that you need to get through your day! Their latest release, "Long Live," will get you feeling fierce and ready for anything. As the title of the EP hints, its contents inspire a more positive outlook on life. Throughout the entire EP, there is an overall sense of unity and empowerment, with some songs feeling more wholly inclusive while others feel more personal. 

The beginning track, "Allegiance," emotes a  strong sense of power and strength with passionate vocals from Hope Vista and expressive instrumentals. This strength is carried through the next three tracks, "Inside Anxious," "Hellbent," and "Dominance 2.0." The next song, "Long Live," maintains expressive instrumentals similarly to the preceding tracks, but the tone is shifted through Vista's vocals; this track features particularly fluid, dreamlike vocals, making this song especially stand from the rest. Following this track is "Part III," which is acoustic, and this stark contrast in instrumentals pulls in all of your attention. "Part III" is simple but well-done, especially because of the beautiful, charming vocals. To bring this EP to a close is "Henchmen," which seems to bring the EP full-circle by ending it with the same driven tone and animation as the EP's earlier songs.

Overall, the EP absolutely demonstrates the extent of VISTA's talent, and each song will have you moving along and feeling good -- so it easily earns a 10 out of 10! If you haven't yet given "Long Live" a listen, be sure to spare 20 minutes and let us know what YOU think; VISTA's music is currently available on iTunes and Spotify!

Posted on July 26, 2017 .