VISTA - "Allegiance"

"Allegiance" by Vista

Written by: Tori


Synth-pop meets bluesy rock to collide with sassy and mighty vocals to create the pure talent within "Allegiance", a brilliant single by VISTA. This lead single, to welcome you into their upcoming EP, is bursting with tenacious and admirable confidence. The track generates action-packed imagery given with a "save the world"/ "save yourself" kind of vibe. One could easily see it within an action movie- take note, directors

The instrumentation seductively lures you in with very slick, sassy, and rock 'n roll guitars, contrasting the very pop-like tonality given. This perfect combination makes it not only appealing to various genre-lovers but uses tasteful riffs and bridges to charmingly whisk you away with differing from the norm of sticking within one style. If you listen closely to the synth, you can hear the enchanting and mesmerizing melodies that make you feel like rock 'n roll James Bond. 

See for yourself in this hot new single, "Allegiance", releasing 05/19/2017! Find VISTA:

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Posted on May 18, 2017 .