Twenty One Pilots - Heavydirtysoul


twenty one pilots - "Heavydirtysoul"
Written by: Lexie

It's been well over a year since the release of Twenty One Pilots's album "Blurryface," but the hype is still strong! TOP just gifted their fans with a music video for their track "Heavydirtysoul", and the excitement is real!

In this simple video, an artistic interpretation of the song's lyrics is portrayed. The song itself expresses a need to overcome a darker side of one's self in order to grow and live on. This overall theme is depicted in the form of literal obstacles, as Josh Dun plays on a burning set of drums and Tyler Joseph rides in the back of a crumbling car.

The main focus is on Joseph's dangerous travel, with frequent quick-shots of Dun's fiery drums. The car quickly goes from a whole, functioning state to completely dilapidated. Even as pieces of the car fly off and the dragging back-end sparks, Joseph calmly remains in the back seat as the lyrics express a need to be saved from his "heavy dirty soul." It is revealed there is no driver, except for a fleeting moment, when a dark figure (presumably an embodiment of the darkness expressed in the lyrics) is shown behind the wheel.

Just before the car seems it will crash to Joseph's doom, he narrowly escapes and joins Dun. Following this brave escape, the video shows Joseph riding in the back of a car again, only this one is whole and safe -- a literal depiction of him being "saved."

Overall, I would rate this video an 8 out of 10. Though there wasn't much to its composition, it was effective in highlighting the true significance of the song's meaning. If you have yet to see the video for yourself, be sure to head to TOP's YouTube channel NOW and let us know what you think!

Posted on February 4, 2017 .