Thieves - Fade


Thieves - “Fade”
Written by: Miguel

The aggressive pop punk band Thieves’ debut album, “No Motive”, is set to release on November 25th, but lucky for us, they have dropped a new song ,“Fade”, to set another example of what’s to come in the upcoming album.

“Fade” isn’t any ordinary pop punk song, and the uniqueness will immediately grab your attention as you listen to it. The song starts a bit heavier than what you'd expect from the usual pop punk song, and this transitions smoothly into the ambient clean guitars that sets off a chilling atmosphere along with Billy’s compelling raw vocals. The guitars are phenomenally written. The ambient clean tones are captivating and the melodic leads after the first chorus leave you wanting more.

Thieves did not only give us a fantastic musical production, but the lyrics are meaningful and relatable in every way. According to Thieves, "Going back to your childhood home, school, or hangout can be a strange thing as an adult. I wrote Fade to try and capture the weird mix of nostalgia and regret I sometimes experience in those moments, metaphorically burying the person I used to be in hopes that I can be someone better tomorrow." As you grow older and reflect on your past, you come to realize mistakes you've made but those mistakes will eventually fade away and shape you to the person you are today.

“Fade” easily earns a perfect 10 out of 10. Thieves are changing the game with their unique and brilliant music, and it's only a matter of time till they gain a much larger following. Their upcoming album, “No Motive”, is available to pre-order, so do yourself a favour and get it!

Posted on November 12, 2016 .