The White Noise - "I Lost My Mind (In California)"

Music Video Review

The White Noise - "I Lost My Mind (In California)"

Written by : Charlesy

Do you hate the rain and think you should move to LA? Well then you should check out the new video for “I Lost My Mind (In California)” by The White Noise. The video depicts California exactly how everyone imagines it- crazy people and fun times.

The video shows how crazy things can get in California sometimes. It shows Shawk Walker, the band’s vocalist, checking into a hotel with a very distraught looking clown sitting at the bar. Then, surprisingly, a girl barges in and starts yelling at the clown and soon throws water at him and the two begin to fight when bystanders, who happen to be Cane Hill, breaks it apart. Then when he gets to his room, there are drugs everywhere. He then gets pulled into a fight with a masked wrestler. I'd say that's pretty crazy!

The video matches the song perfectly and proves that anyone can lose their mind when they are in California. The song has a very summer sounding vibe to it. It is very upbeat and melodic. Very different from their previous videos for “Bite Marks” and “The Best Songs Are Dead” showing how versatile the band is. Good job to The White Noise for this solid 10/10 video. Make sure you check out their brand new album AM/PM out on all music platforms and then let us know what your favorite song is!

Posted on June 26, 2017 .