The Relentless - "Me Against The Devil"

Song Review

The Relentless - "Me Against the Devil" 

Written By: Kass & Tori

Is it October 13th yet?! American Satan has us all lining up to see the magic behind this epic masterpiece! The Relentless, a ficticious band created for the movie American Satan, is raising hellfire with their new lyric music video for 'Me Against the Devil'!

Andy Biersack, known as a solo artist and frontman for Black Veil Brides, takes on his acting career to play a familiar role. Playing frontman, Johnny, of The Relentless, he unleashes his vocals on a sinful track. Though he is a vocalist, another frontman lends a gritty hand....drum roll please! Palaye Royale's....Remington Leith.

Andy may be known for his emotive and deep rasp, but Remington lends a bright, loud, and wild raspy helping hand to complete this fueling track. Let's face it, we can totally find Andy's role to fit the rockstar antics and the vocals found in this breathy and angst-ridden pipes provided. Add heavy riffs, a fantastic mix and we've got a lethal combination - no pun intended!

The lyrics explain how someone sold their soul to the Devil, only to later realize it was a grave mistake. Now, this person is convinced the Devil is a liar and they are unable to escape his vices. And as some know, when the Devil comes to cash in on that favor - there is nowhere safe to hide!

This epic piece is sinful and the movie storyline tasteful. Everyone loves a good story of others shooting for success and doing whatever it takes to get there. But it is truly unique in that it's not your typical college drop out tale- it takes a different trip.  This movie is filled with tons of big-name actors and actresses, along with real life rockers - Asking Alexandria's Ben Bruce and Black Veil Bride's Andy Biersack. American Satan will be hitting theaters Friday the 13th of October. Want to find out where it will be playing in a theater near you? Check out the movie's Instagram, @americansatan, for more details on viewings!

Posted on September 18, 2017 and filed under Song Review.