The Menzingers - After The Party

Music Video Review

The Menzingers - “After The Party"
Written by: Lexie

This video depicts all kinds of debauchery and illicit indulgences, but everyone is having a great time -- the overall vibe is carefree and reckless, but exciting. Just as quickly as the partying intensifies, it falls. Suddenly the reality of the partiers' actions settles -- after the party (as the title implies), all that's left is an empty house, withdrawals, and strained relationships. One couple in particular is followed throughout the video, and at the end, when the partying is done, they are left to re-evaluate and reconstruct their relationship.

Accompanying the video, the music maintains a consistent driven tone that fits the lyrical content. The quicker-pace of the music simultaneously suits the party scenes in the beginning, as well as the seriousness at the end. Both the video and music express the same rise-and-fall that the lyrics depict. The lyrics "after the party, it's me and you" express how when the fun, easy times in a relationship are done, people need to contribute work and effort in order to keep the relationship alive.

Overall, this song and video receive an 8 out of 10! Haven't seen it for yourself? Be sure to head over to The Menzingers' official YouTube channel, and let us know what YOU think!

Posted on March 24, 2017 .