The Maine - Bad Behavior


The Maine - “Bad Behavior”
Written by: Miguel

The Maine has finally completed their 6th album, “Lovely, Little, Lonely”, and has now given us their first release of the album in the form of a catchy tune, “Bad Behavior”. Their last album, “American Candy”, came out almost 2 years ago so that gave them ample time to create tracks we’ll love.

Vocalist John O’Callaghan articulates his voice in a snappy manner alongside the rest of the band who entertains us with their unique style of playing. Pat Kirch created a stable rhythm on the drums and the guitarists upbeat chord progressions sends out a cheerful vibe. “Bad Behavior” is quite tamed, very catchy and is interestingly a quite calming song.

The lyrics set off a charming mood. “Bad Behavior” is about showing passion to someone you are deeply in love with who always has a slight but intriguing bad behavior just for you. Wanting to claim that one special moment that happily bonds you both together and wanting it to last a lifetime. It is lyrically alluring and it is a song that can be easily listened to all day.

“Bad Behavior” has created high hopes for what’s yet to come in the upcoming album, but we know we won’t be disappointed. The song gets an 8.5 out of 10. “Lovely, Little, Lonely” will be out on April 7th so pre-order it now at!

Posted on January 21, 2017 .