The Dead Rabbitts - This Emptiness

Album Review

This Emptiness by The Dead Rabbitts

Written by: Karalynne


Hard-hitting, deeply personal, and powerful. All words to describe the soon to be released album from Arizona metalcore band, The Dead Rabbitts. "This Emptiness" combines heavy guitar riffs, multi-layered vocals, and intense percussion to drive home a message of self realization and strength. 


In what could be the most significant line of the album, frontman Craig Mabbitt sings "This emptiness gives me room to grow." The line truly describes the overall message of the album as listeners are bombarded with messages of self worth, no remorse, and letting go of someone destructive. The album as a whole seems like an ode to finding oneself and is surprisingly positive  lyrically considering it's heavier sound. 


It is clear that The Dead Rabbitts have perfected the balance between writing head-banging anthems and insightful verses that leave listeners feeling ready to face the world head on. Set for worldwide release on April 14, 2017 via Tragic Hero Records, you can order your copy of "This Emptiness" at or pick it up on any of their upcoming tour dates on the Tragic Hero Records Tour! 

Posted on April 13, 2017 .