Suicide Silence - Silence


Suicide Silence - “Silence”
Written by: Miguel

After the poor reception of Suicide Silence’s debut song, “Doris”, off their upcoming self-titled album, can they redeem themselves with their new song, “Silence”?

Suicide Silence has ventured into new territory by introducing clean vocals into their music. This is completely new for them and unfortunately, the first released song, “Doris”, was poorly executed. Unlike “Doris”, “Silence” mostly features clean vocals throughout the song's entirety. The song does have a Deftones vibe to it, however, the some of the guitars don’t seem to fit with some parts due to the vocals. Overall it is a step up to “Doris” when it comes to the clean singing, and while the change in sound may not be for the best, it is still appreciated for what it is.

According to vocalist Eddie Hermida, “The new track, ‘Silence,' is about asking yourself what reality is. It is about being in your own thoughts and allowing that hell to be a part of you. To realize that when we are quiet and in our own darkness, we can truly be grateful to be alive. The song challenges people to be within themselves. To see that hell on earth has no fury compared to our own mind, so why not accept that and love everything on the outside. It is there to serve a purpose. To free you from yourself. Be silent today and just listen!” Despite the song being a bit underwhelming, the lyrics will be relatable and meaningful to many which brings more positive aspects into the song.

Suicide Silence has unfortunately underdelivered again and “Silence” gets a 6.5 out of 10. It suffers the same fate as “Doris” by not being the most well written song and It will disappoint many fans with this change of direction, but that is the risk Suicide Silence is willing to take. As long as the band is doing what they enjoy and love, that is all what matters in the end. The self-titled album will be out on February 24th, so don’t forget to preorder it!

Posted on February 3, 2017 .