Suicide Silence - Doris


Suicide Silence - "Doris”
Written by: Miguel

Suicide Silence has finally given us a teaser for what's to come in their upcoming self titled album, but does it live up to expectations? They are known for their menacing vocals and huge guitar riffs and breakdowns that can easily start moshpits, however, they took things down a notch and created something different in their new song “Doris”.

“Doris” suffers a bad fate in production, the guitars are messy at times, and the overall vocality of the track is lackluster. Eddie Hermida is a fantastic vocalist who delivers brutal screams, but that's not the case in their new song. His screams are there, but it's not what you would expect based on the band’s previous material. Suicide Silence also introduced clean vocals in “Doris”, but there is something about it that just doesn't resonate well. The heavy dropped tuned guitars will keep you headbanging but the riffs are slightly boring. The production is raw and organic and that's a good thing, however, it can be improved upon to make the song more mesmerizing.

Suicide Silence is moving forward into a new realm to deliver something new, and hopefully it will not ruin the fans’ expectations of the upcoming album. Some may like it and some won’t. Overall, “Doris” is mediocre at best and unfortunately gets a 6 out of 10. Go give “Doris” a listen over on Nuclear Blast’s YouTube channel and let us know your thoughts on it.

Posted on January 6, 2017 .