The Ongoing Concept - "You Will Go"

Song Review

The Ongoing Concept - "You Will Go"

Written By: Kass

The Ongoing Concept has taken a step back in time with a huge nostalgia trip as we take a look at their video for their newest song, "You Will Go".

Fans of the band instantly picked up on the direction of the video as it showed the lead singer revisiting and reminiscing the past. The stylistic choices and inginuity in this video alone gives fans a chance to see that their newest album, "Places", is to be much anticipated. Several easter eggs are in this video, and if you're not a fan, you wouldn't quite understand why that's such a big deal!

If you watched this video and thought it looked a bit strange, you guessed right! The band shot this with a high frame rate, but didn't accordingly adjust their shutter speed. Normally, you want the shutter speed to be 2x your frame rate. It would be the same effect as you'd see on TV if you turned on "true motion". Don't worry, Dawson did it on purpose. The forest, the tunnel, the bar, the abandoned buildings, and the construction sites were all ideas used in the band's previous work, and the performance footage at the end is to symbolize where they are now. It's a build up of the last 7 years and where they ended up in this moment in time.

Dawson explains that life is precious and not only this song, but this whole upcoming album is portraying how the places you have been make you who you are and the places you will go will make you who you become. Every song on the record is an open interpretation of all the experiences he has faced in his 25 years of life. They are the epitome of their band name because they are an ongoing concept.

The song earns a 7 out of ten for its creativeness and ideas. If you are looking for a trip down memory lane, "Places" is due out October 26th!

Posted on September 29, 2017 and filed under Song Review.