Sleeping With Sirens - "Legends"

Song/Music Video Review

Sleeping With Sirens - "Legends"

Written by: Jasmine Licon

Sleeping With Sirens are back, however their new single takes a whole other direction. In "Legends" we get melodic and pop-rock vibes instead of their hardcore roots. Although we are stepping away from their heavier post, change can be good. In Sleeping With Sirens change, them growing as a band, traveling, and facing adversities along the way has really taken a toll on these guys to make their new record dark, sound wise and lyrically. Although their new record "Gossip" is taking a trip through the dark, the band always reassures everyone that there is light at the end of the tunnel and to be hopeful. Sleeping With Sirens has always made sure their message is to always get out there and make something of yourself, despite the troubles that come along the road. To never give up and push yourself beyond your limits to achieve any dream you possibly have. In "Legends", Kellin Quinn explains that the lyrics "We Could Be Legends After All" is a breakdown of as long as you put the effort and try as hard with all your might as an individual, you can truly make something of yourself no matter what life has to throw at you. Darkness is always creeping upon us, but when trying to better yourself and achieve your desires, nothing can possibly take away your light. 

Since "Legends" has a strong and significant meaning, it deserves a 9/10 for me. Sleeping With Sirens taking this direction isn't easy in some cases to all bands who want to stick to the same routine. 

Check out their lyric video below and "Gossip" is out September 22. Pre-order now!

Posted on July 18, 2017 .