Slaughter Beach Dog - "Fish Fry"

Song Review

Slaughter Beach Dog - "Fish Fry"

Written By: Kass

Modern Baseball's own Jake Ewald has set out on a solo project, born out of writer's block, and let us tell you, he's got some bigger fish to fry if the rest of this album is as great as this single!

The track introduces us to slow, melodic riffs that have roots stemming from an indie-rock vibe, and eventually transform into heavier bass tones and a rock-laced attitude. The song transitions smoothly from soft to gritty and back again in a seemless manner, giving all listeners a small taste of what this song is about. Many of the elements portrayed in this track are reminiscent of Ewald's work with Modern Baseball, but this project can hold its own within an entirely different genre, and that's what is so unique about this tune.

Ewald is a genius songwriter and lyricist, who also has a beautiful voice to compliment his credits as a writer. The song mentions the title in the lyrics, but it's not about getting your fry on! This song spins a propulsive narrative about needing independence, and having to fight that desire of falling back into the same old routines again. With lyrics like, "Mostly at night I can’t ignore the feeling of wishing you were with me/ All my friends insist that I should really be spending some time alone", it's quite easy to understand that those desires come in the form of a love interest, and you know what they say! Old habits die hard.

Jake earns a 10 out of 10 for his work on "Fish Fry"! Want more? His album, "Birdie", under the name Slaughter Beach, Dog, will release on October 27th! Can't wait that long? No worries! Even though Modern Baseball is on a hiatus, the band will be playing shows in Philly next month! So, don't miss out!

Posted on September 12, 2017 .