Skillet - Back From The Dead

Music Video Review

Skillet - "Back From The Dead"
Written by: Tori

Skillet constantly produce galvanizing art! Who WOULDN'T feel so awake and alive with their BRAND NEW music video for "Back From the Dead"? - off of their heavy and electrifying new record, "Unleashed". Packing a punch with crispy dynamics in the drums, flooring us with waves of ripping guitars, and unleashed screams are fueled with virtue conjoined with power; what a piece!!!

The music video is very cinematic and might as well be an action-packed short film 🔥 The rush of adrenaline courses through your veins as you take on the journey with Skillet as they escape labs that hold them captive to be  experimented on. With warpaint, cages, a bad ass dark theme, with a contrasting hint of sweet love and care- you're guaranteed to feel beastly, wild, and invigorated with passion!

The song itself interjects the message of being full of energy, positivity, and power to awaken yourself to be the greater change. It's about escaping from the things that scare you, hold you back, and stop you from being you to the fullest extent- being inspiration at its purest. The significance lies within the lyrics and complimenting instrumentation. Standout lyrics that exemplify their theme are found in the chorus. "We are young, we are strong, we will rise" and "full of love, full of light, full of fight 'cause I'm back, back, back from the dead tonight", showcase that you can rebuild your positive self to awaken, as you may have felt dead inside from prior pain or disappointment.

This expressive, propelling, and inspirational music video and track easily receive a 10 out of 10! 📸☄Stay tuned with BFC, for we have live photos from their Unleashed Tour coming soon!

Check out the music video here:

Posted on March 14, 2017 .