Silverstein - "Whiplash"

Song Review

Silverstein - "Whiplash"

Written by: Lexie

In anticipation of their upcoming album, "Dead Reflection," (due out July 14) Silverstein has gifted us with a track from it! The track, "Whiplash," is just as intense as the title implies!

Silverstein poetically draws upon the parallels between literal whiplash -- a head injury from a car accident-- and figurative whiplash from emotional distress. The overwhelming experience that we get from the song -- due to its fierce instrumentals and driven vocals -- appropriately delivers the song's overall theme, allowing for audiences to be fully engaged with the song's purpose. The consistent intensity carried throughout the song encourages a focus on the vivid imagery being expressed, particularly the violence of being physically thrown around and injured. This literal sense of the song emphasizes the less obvious pain that comes from heartbreak, and how non-physical injuries can be just as damaging. 

Silverstein utilized a unique way to express personal and emotional pain, and for this originality, "Whiplash" earns a 9 out of 10! If you haven't heard it for yourself yet, be sure to check it out and let us know what YOU think! 

Posted on July 6, 2017 .