Silverstein - Studio Documentary

Video Review

Silverstein - Studio Documentary

Written by: Lexie

We are QUICKLY approaching the release date for Silverstein's upcoming album, "Dead Reflection," but we KNOW the wait can be grueling! To help keep us sated until the album's release (or perhaps fuel our impatience), Silverstein has given us a brief documentary, centered on the production of this album. 

This six-minute documentary bares the bones of "Dead Reflection," addressing everything from the inspiration, to the writing and producing process. One element that is covered in the documentary, in particular, is how the band worked with producer Derek Hoffman. An overall concern for Silverstein was to ensure that this upcoming album would not be a downgrade from previous albums -- something that they feel was prevented with the help of Hoffman. The band also expressed that they all equally (including their producer) put in their best effort for this album, which makes it personal in every aspect. 

As a whole, the documentary is preparing Silverstein fans for something sentimental and artistically crafted. Audiences can expect an album loaded with passion and personal investment, which we can only imagine to be amazing. 

We anxiously countdown the days until "Dead Reflection," out July 14th! If you need SOMETHING to hold you over, check out this documentary TODAY, as well as the already-released singles from the album, "Lost Positives" and "Retrograde" -- available on Spotify!


Posted on June 28, 2017 .