Silverstein - "Dead Reflection"

Album Review

Silverstein - "Dead Reflection"

Written by: Charles

Edited by: Lexie

Silverstein's brand new album, "Dead Reflection," definitely lives up to the hype -- it has everything on it, so it's sure to please many! There are fast-paced, fierce songs like "Retrograde," as well as some slower, mellow songs like "Wake Up." Unsurprisingly, there are some super solid choruses such as the one featured in "Ghost." "Dead Reflection," as a whole, has a little something for everyone -- including a little pop punk! 

The album begins with "Last Looks" -- which acts as a heavy, fast-paced opening to the album,  featuring a super melodic chorus. The peak of the album, "Mirror Box," maintains the same high standard that was set in the beginning, though it's a softer and slower song. The album ends with "Wake Up," which is arguably a disheartening way to end the album -- due to its gloomy theme -- but nevertheless, it is still a great song and, consequently, a great ending.

I'd rate the album a solid 9/10! It has a song for any mood you're feeling -- sad, happy, or just wanna mosh ou! Make sure you go pick up a copy and let us know what you think!

Posted on July 18, 2017 .