Shatterproof - "Karma"

Music Video Review

Shatterproof - "Karma"

Written by: Lexie

Do you like your break-ups sweet, or salty?

Shatterproof has just released a music video for their track, "Karma," and it will get you feeling all kinds of ways! To begin, the video opens with the heartbreak that the song is centered on. We see a young, teenage man be crushed by a sudden break-up, as his (now ex) girlfriend expresses that they should both focus on their own lives; he's hurt, but is clearly trying to understand. 

The music kicks in immediately following this exchange, which gives us an idea of where this heartbreak is headed. The video shows how while coping with the heartache, it is discovered that the ex is actually using her new single life to pursue several other people. Accompanying this, the song expresses how Karma will find its way to her, since she inconsiderately broke up with her boyfriend and trivialized his music endeavors. While the instrumentals are upbeat and have a great groove, the vocals and lyrics are fierce -- making the bittersweet delivery all the more spiteful and satisfying. 

The ending of the video is everything we could want -- as the song comes to a close, our broken-hearted hero joins the rest of the band on stage, to perform and prove his own potential. While the song is wrapping up, the ex is seen pushing her way to the front, looking up at him with regret. He gives her one, quick look before he and the rest of the band drive the song home. 

Overall, the video and song are totally satisfying -- earning a solid 9 out of 10! If you haven't seen the video for yourself yet, be sure to head over to Rival Recordings' official YouTube channel to check it out, and let us know what YOU think! 

Posted on June 26, 2017 .