September Mourning - 20 Below


September Mourning - "20 Below"
Written by: Kassandra

The reaper/human hybrid story from September Mourning's "Volume II" album, has dropped a new music video for their track "20 Below"!

The stylistic choices made for this video gives it a pop culture edge that will connect with fans everywhere. It's where realism meets comic books and combines them to create an edgy statement that won't soon be forgotten. It's the era of superheroes and villains and the dawning of a new age calls for a new superhero. Ladies and gentlemen, She. Has. Arrived.

Such powerful messages are conveyed through expressive storylines set to be ingrained in listeners' brains. 20 Below is a message of empowerment and ending abuse in all forms. We must be a catalyst for our own saving because nobody will do it for us.

The video portrays Emily Lazar dressed as a reaper hybrid that fans will instantly recognize. This character begins to fade from a realistic entity to a comic book character. As this character revolutionizes the changing and meaning for its existence, we see it transform into more than a character. It becomes the hero of the story.

Throughout the video, challenges present themselves to the character in several forms. One comes, ironically, as a reaper. Another comes as devastation, and another comes as toxic relationships. We have all had someone that we thought we could fix, when in reality, we are being used by them. It's while we are being 'beaten down' that we realize we've had enough and become our own saviors.

September, the hybrid character, is seen being torn by two worlds. One world, (the realist side) continues to berate and show her how she feels worthless. The other world, (the comic book world) shows her that the external negativity is causing those feelings and she doesn't have to be a victim of circumstance.

September Mourning earns a 10 out of 10 for their video of "20 Below". The combination of logical (realism) and the potential (comic book) to create a positive and empowering message is brilliant and well thought out. Be sure to pick up your copy of the band's album, "Volume II", along with a comic book with artist Marc Silvestri.

September Mourning will be hitting the road next month as part of the Blood Lust Death tour with Dope, Combichrist and Dave Suicide that kicks off Feb. 27 in Portland, OR.

Posted on January 20, 2017 .