Silverstein - "Retrograde"

Music Video Review

Silverstein - “Retrograde”

Written by : Abbey

“I wish I could forget it. It’s so hard I’ll never get it right.” But they got it so right, and we could never forget it. Today, post-hardcore legends Silverstein released their brand new music video for “Retrograde.” This is their first single off their upcoming album, “Dead Reflection”, and if this is any indication of what the rest of the album will sound like, we may not be able to wait for the release.

The music video captures each band member in their element - playing, slaying, and exuding passion from every cell within their body. Shane Told captivates us with harsh and soft vocals, playing on the change of emotions and intent behind each side of his voice. Simultaneously, the filter changes from a smoky and fiery orange during the screams, to an angelic soft white-blue for the clean vocals. This plays on the idea of the devil and god on our shoulders, within us, and throughout the journey of life. “Retrograde”, taken from its literal definition, means going backward or moving in a backward direction. With the title of the album being “Dead Reflection”, we may be in for a deeper look into the past journeys these men have taken while being able to truly look forward to what they’re truly capable of.

“Retrograde” encompasses the beloved tried-and-true sound that Silverstein has created for themselves while tapping into a new palette of emotions to bring us this new, angry but vulnerable side that we’ve never seen before. Overall the music video and song receive a very solid 10/10 and we can’t wait to hear more. Be sure to pre-order “Dead Reflection” , due out 07/14, NOW at and check out the music video below!


Posted on May 18, 2017 .