Rebekah Todd & the Odyssey - Let Me Prove My Love


Rebekah Todd & The Odyssey - "Let Me Prove My Love"
Written by: Kassandra

Powerhouse Soul singer, Rebekah Todd, has released a new song titled, "Let Me Prove My Love"! If you are looking for your 2017 love song to prove how much you love someone, look no further! (And just in time for Valentine's Day, too! 😉💙) Rebekah's smooth voice takes you on a roller coaster of emotion that you never want to get off of. The song starts out slow, just a simple tune being played on piano accompanied by her velvety voice.

Soon after, a guitar and drum kit join the piano and the tempo speeds up, and that's just in the first minute! The gorgeous heartfelt song makes us want so much more. That soul atmosphere and jazz vibe are definitely present through the entire song, thus giving it a defining facet that speaks to the heart of each listener.

Lyrically speaking, the song tells a story about being in that puppy-love stage. The overall intense but in comparison - shallow romantic attachment to someone is the basis of the song, and though it's typically associated with adolescents, it gets the best of us. It sounds sweet and endearing, but the end of the story has a twist that ends sadly.

In one line, she tells her lover to have trust in her, that she will take care of him. She mentions how he is apprehensive of past experiences with love gone wrong, hence the meaning behind the song and the namesake. They are lovers, separated by distance and they are asking each other to prove their love for the other, metaphorically. Even though they did so, it still ended in a breakup, but they kept their promise of not letting the other down while that grueling distance kept them apart.

Based on a real-life experience, Rebekah tells of a time when she was the one in a long-distance relationship. She waited for her love to come home to her, and he did! Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances led to their breakup, and out of that heartache came this melancholy tune that is relatable in every sense. 
She used her sad story to create a masterpiece that listeners will cling to for years to come. It's a reflection of a misfortune turned advantageous for her career.

Rebekah earns a 10 out of 10 for her work! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for her upcoming album, "Crooked Lines", set to drop February 17, 2017 and you can also look forward to her upcoming release tour in early spring and summer! You can pre-order your copy of her album today at!

Posted on January 13, 2017 .