Real Friends - Mess


Real Friends - "Mess"
Written by : Abbey

It looks like Real Friends couldn't wait to go trick or treating this year! The Illinois Sad Boys released their music video for "Mess", off their latest album "The Home Inside My Head", - and it was quite the treat.

The video itself is full of fun costumes and themes, and is directed in an 80's like style. The costumes and outfits as well as the filter of the actual footage is vintage as well, giving it a nostalgic feel. It opens up with two teenagers, an older girl and a younger boy, who are getting their costumes prepared for the halloween evening. The two are brought together with their parents to take a goofy family picture where you can blatantly see the love and closeness between them. After being sent off to collect candy, the girl leaves her younger brother behind to go to an "older kids party". She is immediately outcasted, ignored and avoided to the point where she eventually leaves. Simultaneously, the younger brother is having zero luck trick-or-treating and is down and out. The two rejoin and settle in the comfort of having each other, if nothing else. More than anything the plot of the entire video resonates with the chorus of the song "last year I was a train wreck, now i'm just a mess". Throughout the video, the two realize that they aren't exactly where they want to be. Whether they aren't popular enough, or pretty enough, or old enough, they feel that they aren't enough. But at some point they finally realize that all of that isn't worth it. They find that although they aren't their own ideas of perfection, they are much better off than they were before. At the end of the day, they always have each other.

Overall this video is super aesthetically pleasing and so interesting to watch. Fun fact, all of those included in the video are from the Philadelphia area, and were all casted by the band and crew themselves! Mess gets a very solid 9/10 and is definitely worth the watch. Head on over to YouTube to check out the music video and let us know what you think!

Posted on November 24, 2016 .