PVRIS - "Heaven"

Music Video Review

PVRIS - Heaven

Written by: Lexie


Passionate and pained, Lynn Gunn performs fiercely in PVRIS's new music video for "Heaven!" 

The song itself is lighthearted and upbeat, all while conveying the true pain of being "doomed from the start" when in a relationship with someone we care so much about. The song seems to imply that while the relationship may have been meaningful and significant, it was clearly unhealthy -- making the break up inevitable. Regardless, the constant powerful repetition of "You took my heaven away" communicates the idea that the break up -- however necessary -- was still painful.

The video that pairs with this track is simple, but is appropriate for the subject; it places the primary focus on Lynn Gunn, who acts as the personification of heartbreak. Along with the focus on Gunn, the video also features a dark, shrouded figure. This mysterious being's presence is intimidating, and it appears to be omniscient. These particular qualities would lead one to assume that it signifies the broken relationship that Gunn laments, since relationships can make vulnerable, and end in ways that we cannot anticipate. 

The instrumentals of this piece are lighthearted and contradict the somber mood of the lyrical content, but they add a unique mood to the overall piece -- which steers it from being cliché. Gunn's vocals powerfully convey the message of the song, and they are paired with the less-intense music. 

Haven't seen the video for yourself yet? Head over to you YouTube and let us know what YOU think of it! 

Posted on May 7, 2017 .