Pitbull ft. Robine Thicke, Joe Perry, Travis Barker - "Bad Man"

SONG/VIDEO REVIEW: "Bad Man" by Pitbull ft. Robin Thicke, Joe Perry, (Aerosmith), Travis Barker, (blink-182)

When you combine the rapping style of Pitbull with the smooth, melodic, but powerful vocals of Robin Thicke, then mix the impeccable guitar talents of Aerosmith, Joe Perry, and lastly, the iconic sick beats of Blink-182's drummer, Travis Barker, what do you get? A group of "Bad Men"!

This unlikely collaboration is mixing every element from every corner of the music world into an unforgettable masterpiece. It has a little bit of something for everyone! You can rap the fast paced lyrics with Pitbull, belt out the chorus with Robin Thicke, get your groove on with Joe Perry's shredding solos, or bang your head to the beat of Travis Barker's drums! And if that doesn't satisfy you, you can dance along with the girls in the video!

The energy Pitbull brings to his music is undeniable. His style surpasses all genres and his unique spin/takes on every genre is what makes it so special and him so unique. We have seen him do rock, pop, country, rap, jazz, and more throughout his career, and that makes him a unique artist in an otherwise crowded and extremely competitive industry.

The lyrics in this song describe such an incredible journey for Pitbull. He is a true lyricist and that shows in his music. From the start of the song he talks about the rumors he hears about himself and that he doesn't rap anymore. He then crushes that rumor with saying he took time off to go to his neighborhood and built a school.

He continues telling us his story by saying he started from the bottom and look where he is now, but he is still humble from the heart. His passion bleeds through as he shatters the stereotypical views on race and other cultural vices. Pitbull says he didn't do bad for a Cuban from the south and that line alone is so powerful and he says it with conviction. He is proof that regardless of race, culture, your beginnings, the hardships you face, doesn't mean you can't achieve dreams because he did it.

The performance in this video portrays the story behind the lyrics. You never see Pitbull in the harsh environment that he grew up in or talks about. He always has a suit on, and his surrounded by a life of luxury, which is a physical representation of his story. He went from nothing to the top.

Using the specific people in this video was a brilliant idea on his part. Pitbull is a relatively popular icon in today's music. He sells millions of records, performs at major events, and is well known primarily by a young generation. Then, you add Joe Perry. If you are an Aerosmith fan, you likely grew up listening to them in the 70's and onward. He bridged that generation gap, and not just the generation gap, but the genre, too.

This song is upbeat and it makes you want to bring out that inner wild child. It also tells a story of one man's life while doing the unexpected with a unique group of people. Pitbull and his "Bad Man" earn a solid 10/10 for their special take on life!

Posted on April 24, 2017 .