Pierce The Veil - Floral & Fading

Music Video Review

Pierce The Veil - "Floral & Fading"
Written by: Tori

Blast from the past- Hello 70s. We're taken back in time in Pierce the Veil's new music video for their track, "Floral & Fading"! Funky hair, fun floral shirts, and plaids, the audience is welcomed into a performance at the bowling alley. What started as sweet innocence, grew to hail pure chaos. Authentic as per usual, Pierce the Veil take on a new direction with this track. Steady-going, sassy guitars, enunciated and notable bass, muffled yells, and galactic synth- PREPARE YOURSELF!

With this track, lyricist and frontman Vic Fuentes, states that this song is a message to his girlfriend whom has received a lot of hurtful and negative messages online. He reaches out to her in saying that if they were to "fake their own deaths and disappear", like a vacation or just toss their social medias away for a hot minute, they could escape the pain of that the situation together. 

He is known for his beautiful poetic style within his writing and it's definitely easy to fall for such art. He represents this comfort with the tone of the piece. PTV displays how our lives can flip from tender slow dancing to moshing, in a quick instant, but reach new excitement when things settle down- shown through crowd surfing. 

Honestly took a few listens to get really into it, but now I can't escape the replay button?! This band has done it yet again! Demonstrating diversity while still remaining true to themselves, PTV are the next big thing and are always ahead of the game. This song receives a 8.5 out of 10, with the video receiving a rate of 8!

Posted on February 12, 2017 .