Paramore - "Told You So"

Music Video Review

Paramore - "Told You So"

Written by: Lexie


I think we can all collectively agree that new Paramore music is EXACTLY what we've been missing from our lives!

With a new -- but not disappointing -- sound, their latest track "Told You So" does stray away from Paramore's signature sound, so fans better be ready!

Not unlike older Paramore songs, this one has an upbeat sound that's complimented with Hayley Williams' powerful vocals. Where this song deviates from the rest is with its music, which incorporates a funk-pop style. While the shift in sound may be surprising at first, Paramore adopts the new style well, and Williams' voice fits perfectly. 

The song itself perfectly expresses the kind of frustration that comes with someone telling you they "told you so" -- especially after a mistake or hard time; in these cases, as Williams vocalizes, it's comparable to being thrown "into the fire" even after admitting you wrong. 

Paired with this track, is a video that lightens the mood of the lyrics and compliments the tone of the music. In the video, Williams is seen both alone in a house -- which is depicted in dark, cool tones -- and partaking in a vibrant car ride with her band mates. These images seem to express both the frustration of being told, "I told you so," as well as a moving forward from the situation. 

Overall, the piece was fun and catchy, earning the video an 8 out of 10! Haven't seen it for yourself? Check it out below and let us know what you think!

Posted on May 7, 2017 .