Papa Roach - "Crooked Teeth"

Album Review

Papa Roach - "Crooked Teeth"

Written by: Lexie

In need of some new music for your playlist? Papa Roach has you covered! Papa Roach has released their new album, "Crooked Teeth," and its blend of genres has something for everyone to enjoy! 

Overall, the album encompasses both feelings of frustration and determination, but it utilizes a collection of diverse songs to communicate this. First, the album opens with "Break the Fall," which seems to portray the fear of failure or disappointment in a tough situation, as the song expresses a feeling of being on the "edge," and not having anything to break a threatening fall. While the instrumentals of this track are heavy, the vocals incorporate elements of rap for the verses -- setting the tone for a majority of the rest of the album. Following this track, is the title-song, "Crooked Teeth," which is about feeling like a "misfit" and "terrified." These more internal differentiations from others are compared to the physical flaw of having crooked teeth, as these qualities can be seen as flaws -- and rejected -- by others. "My Medication," as the title implies, is a fierce track about seeking refuge in a "medication" -- but in this case, it's a person. The need for and reliance on this person is similar to that of a formal medication, and the song expresses a sense of pain in this relationship. 

"Born For Greatness" is a bit of a shift in tone, as it attempts to empower those who are usually disregarded as "nameless" and "faceless." This track is motivating in how it encourages a fight against all odds, and a strong persistence for success. Pairing with the song's uplifting nature, the music also incorporates more pop and electronic elements. The tone takes yet another turn when the next song, "American Dreams," comes on. Contrasting with the empowering nature of the precious song, "American Dreams" takes a political stance on the reality of the "American Dream," and the hypocrisy and falsity of it. 

Later, "Help" continues to darken the overall mood of this album by portraying something more vulnerable -- feeling victim to oneself and needing outside support. "Sunrise Trailer Park" sustains this somber mood by expressing how our past can haunt us, and how considering our memories in retrospect, we may find just how troublesome our pasts were. 

"Nothing" saves the mood of the album a bit by once again offering a more encouraging message -- that things have potential to improve, but only if we do something about them; we must always continue to push through the hard times. 

Wrapping up the album on a sweet note, "Bleeding Through" shares lines like, "You're so much more than damaged," and "Why can't you see what I see in you?" This comforting track brings the album full circle, and brings a nice sense of closure. 

Overall, because of the album's execution of blending various styles and its intense subject matter, "Crooked Teeth" earns a 9 out of 10! If you haven't heard it for yourself yet, be sure to check it out TODAY on Spotify -- and if you like what you hear, be sure to purchase it on iTunes! Let us know what YOU think!


Posted on May 22, 2017 .