Papa Roach - "American Dreams"

“American Dream” - @paparoach

Written by: Kass


Leave it up to Papa Roach to find a great sense of pride in being Americans! In his latest video, the man has us feeling all sorts of things from this video. It opens with a classroom, where the teacher tells the kids that Jacoby Shaddix is coming in to talk to them about the American Dream. So, what is the American Dream?

We all interpret the American Dream differently. Some see it as coming to a land of opportunity, some see it as a place of freedom, some see it as the place to raise a family and build a life you can be proud of, and others see it as the best place on earth to live. Papa Roach gives us all a taste of what the American Dream means to people. It’s the small things in life that mean the most and that’s what this video captures.

It’s kids in school, getting an education because they are the future of this country. It’s a mechanic doing a job he’s done his entire life, but he loves it and he’s good at it. It’s a big flag flying in the wind over a fallen hero’s grave. It’s young men and women going to serve their country and keep their families safe and free. It’s that beat up pickup truck that is beat to hell, but driving it makes all the difference. The tattoo shop represents a form of art that people use as a reminder of when they go places and do things they want to remember. The barbershop is an American icon that people recognize as a symbol of the American Dream. It was a time when old men would gather for a weekly trim and shoot the breeze about life. The boxing gym is another symbol of American culture that everyone can see as a pastime. Athletes spend time at gyms and a boxing ring is where some of the greatest boxing legends to ever live were born.

                Shaddix also speaks of times that make America seem like it’s not the great place it once was. He mentions soldiers dying and bleeding, a family fighting to make ends meet and stay together, and how we are so blinded by trying to live our dreams that we lose sight of who we really are. The line of the song that has the most impact is, “It’s harder to breathe when you’re buried alive, by American Dreams!” It’s powerful because he is saying that our dreams are still out there for us to chase and reach, but we must remember not to let the bad things in our world cover our eyes to what’s possible.

This video is powerful, full of imagery that makes you really think and ask yourself what YOUR American Dream is. Papa Roach earns a 10 out of 10 for ‘American Dreams’! It gives us, as Americans, pride and love for our country and what it means to be an American, how we define that word. Thank you, Papa Roach, for reminding us to be damn proud of being American.

Posted on August 21, 2017 .