Palisades - Through Hell


Palisades - “Through Hell”
Written by: Miguel

Released through Rise Records, Palisades has dropped a new hard hitting track, “Through Hell”! This is the third song they have released from their upcoming self titled album, and it generates the same amount hype as the previous releases.

The intro starts off slowly, but that paves way for the catchy guitar riff that comes shortly after. The layered clean vocals and screams go hand in hand in the pre-chorus and combined with the underlying guitars, it hooks you into the song even more. The chorus, like the pre-chorus, has amazing guitars, and Louis Miceli created a catchy vibe with his superb clean vocals. Midway through the song, Palisades added electronic songs, and Louis’ voice is calmer. The chorus that comes after sounds powerful and huge as it features group vocals. Palisades even threw in violins at the end and everything fitted perfectly despite the wide variety of sounds.

Lyrically, the song speaks about being through hell, just as the song title suggests. You truly want peace but yet you’re destructive and you also even “find the pretty things and put them through hell”. It makes you feel broken and it makes you want to just lock up the insanity in your head so you don't hurt others. While not relatable to most people out there, it still reaches out to those who suffers these problems. It is a well written piece of work from Palisades and they translated it into the song tremendously.

Palisades easily earns a 10 out of 10 for “Through Hell”. Their self titled album is due to release on January 20th so get your wallets ready and pre-order it! Go give “Through Hell” a listen over on Rise Records’ YouTube channel and let us know your thoughts.

Posted on December 3, 2016 .