Palisades - Palisades


Palisades - "Palisades"
Written by: Miguel
Edited by: Abbey

Want a new album to add to your collection? Palisades has got you covered and you will fall in love with their just released self titled album! Palisades hits the mark when it comes to creating catchy music and every song of this album will be stuck in your head after listening to them.

“Aggression” is the first song on the album which debuted a few months ago, and will immediately grab your intention. It's the perfect blend of Palisades’ soft and heavy side and this combination carried on through the rest of the album. The periodic electronic sounds also helps to complete the production.

The majority of the songs, like “Aggression”, take a gentle approach by featuring mostly clean singing and simple chord progressions, however, that doesn't mean they didn’t go all out in some songs. “Through Hell” is the perfect example as it gives us those heavier riffs and it is full of momentum for the majority of the song.

Overall, the instruments on this album are simple, but they are incorporated in a stylish manner. The clean guitars sets off a wide atmospheric feel while the distorted guitars will make you want to headbang. “Aggression” and “Cold Heart (Warm Blood)” share some similarity to other music out there in terms of melody, but they still managed to pull it off uniquely. Louis Miceli vocals are powerful yet soothing, and the added higher notes from Brandon Elgar is the icing on the cake.

Palisades gets a 9 out of 10 for their self titled album. They have created a captivating album from start to finish and picking a favourite song will be tough. You can stream the album over on Rise Records’ YouTube channel or purchase it on iTunes!

Posted on January 21, 2017 .