Palisades - Let Down

Music Video Review

Palisades - “Let Down”
Written by: Miguel

Palisades may have released their self-titled album earlier this year, but that doesn't mean they were going to stop giving their fans something new. Palisades released a music video for one of their catchiest songs on the album, “Let Down”.

If you were expecting a deep music video with a story to reflect on the lyrics, then you may be let down. However, you’re able to see how amazing Palisades are while they perform the song.

The video took on a black and white approach. It may seem normal but when you actually dig deeper into the lyrical message of the song, it all makes sense. You may think you know everything in your relationship, but sometimes you're just left in the dark, hence the black and white filter on the video. Problems that arise like leaving “you for a week”, thinking you fully understanding the hardship wishing you “could breathe”, feeling suffocated and thinking everything was so clear until you realize that you can now see “with clarity”. You were the problem all along. Whether the black and white filter may or may not have been intentional, being able to interpret songs your own way will always be the beauty in music.

It would of been even better if Palisades incorporated more of a story into the music video, but the energetic performance of the song is good enough to satisfy any Palisades fan. The music video gets an 8.5 out of 10. Go check out the video down below and if you haven't already, be sure to pick up their self-titled album!

Posted on March 24, 2017 .