Our Last Night - "Broken Lives"

Music Video Review

Our Last Night - "Broken Lives"

Written by: Lexie

Your week just got a whole lot better; Our Last Night has graced us with a new music video! Need something to get you through a tough time? This track and video may be just what you need.

"Broken Lives" has an intense feel to its sound, which emphasizes the significance of the song's overall theme of taking responsibility for one's own unhappiness. Our Last Night expresses a great need for people to realize their expectations of life, and take it upon themselves to mold their futures. The song also encourages listeners to understand everyone experiences a "broken life" at some time, and that everyone has their battles.

The video takes place during a family dinner, where the family members are aggressively arguing with each other. Once the arguing has escalated to its peak, the family separates and they are individually left to themselves -- all of them looking bitter and unhappy. During their time alone, each member of the family is met with a dark silhouette, that seems to symbolize each person's personal darkness. Once this dark figure meets with the family, their next dinner is quiet. While they still appear unhappy, a sense of acceptance is present -- depicting each person's acknowledgement of their own role in their unhappiness (as well as the unhappiness experienced by everyone else in the family) instead of taking it out on each other. 

Overall, "Broken Lives" earns an 8 out of 10! Be sure to check it out for yourself on YouTube, and if you like what you hear, you can purchase it on iTunes TODAY!

Posted on May 19, 2017 .