Off Guard - "Strawberry Moon"

Song Review

Off Guard - "Strawberry Moon"

Written by: Lexie

Not all breakups end with vicious arguments or a thirst for revenge -- it gets complicated! Off Guard, an up-and-coming pop punk band, gives us a track that illustrates a scenario that veers from the typical bitter break-up. 

"Strawberry Moon" is far from solemn, but in no way celebratory. It conveys a fondness and appreciation for what was, but also acknowledges the need for an end. This song is passionate and driven, but the delivery is softened with an accepting tone, and a pop-punk sound that is classic and familiar. 

If you need a song to lift your hopes during a hard break-up, this may be exactly what you need to level your mind. 

Want to check it out for yourself? Off Guard will be releasing "Strawberry Moon” as a single on September 29th, so mark your calendars! If you like what you hear, stay tuned! An EP is anticipated to be following, so be prepared for future announcements!

Posted on September 22, 2017 and filed under Song Review.