Of Mice and Men - "Back To Me"

MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW: "Back to Me" - @omandm

It's been just over a year since Austin Carlile left his band, Of Mice and Men, for health reasons. It hasn't ,however, hindered the band or their drive forward to keep playing and making music. While we loved Austin's unclean vocals, listening to Aaron Pauley slay them will give you chills!

2017 is only 5 months in and it has been so busy for bands in terms of new releases, music festivals, tours, marriages, babies, deaths, and so much more. Of Mice and Men have played major festivals such as, Welcome to Rockville, Carolina Rebellion, Las Rageous, and Fort Rock. They still have other tours suck as Warped Tour in less than a month! The footage for their newest video, "Back To Me" is compiled of the band rocking the stages during their sets at these festivals.

As Aaron takes on the role of lead singer, the others still perform in their prior roles respectively. The passion emulated in this video shows the fire that burns deep within each of them to do what they love. It's been almost 8 months since the release of "Cold World", but the fans are eating the new music up like they've been starving. The warm reception of these new singles proves that Of Mice and Men have a dedicated fan base that is open minded and resilient. The fans are following them as they do what they love.

The lyrics of this song correlate directly to the video and speak of hardships that people and bands both face.The words and the title, both say, "back to me", and that's what the fans have and the band have done. The fans came back to the band and welcomed their new approach on music with open arms. The band came back to the music scene full force and ready to set the stages they play on fire. It's also a message to their fans, that they'll always be there, no matter how lost in life they become. Of Mice and Men will always light the way back to them. They earn a solid 10 out of 10 for their amazing work on "Back to Me." 


Posted on May 22, 2017 .