Oceans Ate Alaska - "Covert"

SINGLE REVIEW: "Covert" - @oceansatealaska
WRITTEN BY: Tori & Kass

Oceans Ate Alaska are back with a brand new track and we think you're going to love it!

They're newest track is showcased by a lyrics video with classy blooming flower. They have a new sound with very progressive clean tones, and a brand new singer, but that's not all that changed! They have more clean vocals, the guitars are more technical, drums are more tasteful and not just aggressive as they were in the past.

The track speaks about depression, a disease many are familiar with. It's about masking your fears of revealing your vunerable self to people. It's about hiding your true feelings about your life, instead of living life to the fullest with long term plans and exciting things to look forward to, you just live day by day.

The lyrics say that he's looking for meaning and something to make each day meaningful. And to find one's journey for strong feeling and purpose again. He's scared to admit that he cares about such pain in his life because he wants to give off a tough "I can handle it all" persona that many people who fight depression often display.

They're trapped in ignorant bliss which can easily be translated to not knowing something is often more comfortable than knowing it. This resembles “What you don't know cannot hurt you.”

Oceans Ate Alaska has taken a new direction in their musical careers and the reception thus far seems to be welcomed by all. Hopefully the rest of their record will continue on this new path. Catch the guys on tour now & "Covert" is available for purchase via Apple Music. They earn an 8 out of 10 for "Covert"! 


Posted on May 27, 2017 .